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Last Modified 07:06.24 PM (EDT) on Monday, 13 October 2008

10 October 2007: I am looking at the CP front page for the first time in a while. I think I want to redo the whole thing.

6 April 2004: The messageboard is back up, but the damage is worse than my initial assessment led me to believe. Please read the post "READ ME EVERYBODY" for details.

1 April 2004: Due to filesystem errors on the webserver, the messageboard is temporarily down. All the messages are still there, but some of the files responsible for indexing them (and for indexing the users) got corrupted. Also, the recent backups of the webserver were corrupted by the same problem. SO, I will have to fix this problem by hand somehow, and the messageboard will be unavailable until then -- hopefully not more than a day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience.

6 February 2004: NEW CIVILIZED MESSAGES IS HERE!!! No more Bravenet follies! Yes yes I agree - IT IS ABOUT TIME! The new messageboard runs YaBB 1.3.1. Right now it has *basically* the look and feel that I want, but it will continue to evolve over the next few weeks, especially in response to YOUR INPUT! Let's make the messageboard jumpin again - hop to it!

28 January 2004: The "Forum Logos" to your left (under "Archives") has been re-layed-out. Also, I am once again pursuing a new message board for us. Also also I am tired.

25 January 2004: Changed the "link to CP" link on your left to be a slick popup window. Also tweaked the CP FAQ. Burma shave.

13 January 2004: I am still tinkering with layouts and whatnot. Oh, I am such a tease!

10 January 2004: Just tweaking the layout, folks. I like to pretend that I run a website every now and then. :)